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Character's Name: Minamimoto Sho
Canon Character Application
Player Name: Steph
Player LJ: radian
Player Instant Messenger Type and Handle:
AIM: tabootycall
Player Email: objection [at] inbox [dot] com
Player is over 16 years of age, Y/N?: Yes

Character: Minamimoto Sho / Sho Minamimoto
Fandom: The World Ends With You
Survival Horror Test: First, he is highly resilient. You knock him down, crush him, and he'll come back as if nothing happened if not twice as determined. He is a highly competent individual, good at keeping his wits about him in the most dire situations. Not only that, but he thrives in chaos, a common state in the survival horror genre. He's incredibly powerful, described in the game's enemy list as having "the power of a god," and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Sho is a schemer. He will do anything to get what he wants, and if something doesn't go according to plan, he can change said plans to potentially work in his favor very quickly.

Minamimoto is a highly intelligent individual and a mathematical genius. He can figure obscenely difficult equations or calculations. Because mathematics is so entangled in his personality and very mind, he is capable of thinking, acting, planning, etc. logically--though this doesn't mean he always will. He has most of the makings of a leader, save cooperation. At 18 years old, he was a the youngest Officer in Reaper history, a testament to his skill.

He's got of a variety of abilities; telepathy, teleportation, energy blasts, health regeneration. He has learned the forbidden art of summoning Taboo Noise, and like every Reaper Officer, has a Noise form, Leo Cantus.

Furthermore, he is basically a cockroach. He thrives in dirt and grime, spends most of his time in garbage, is a terrible pest, and no matter how hard you try to stomp him, he just won't go away. He could probably survive a nuclear holocaust ... except not really.

Also, mathematics is applicable to ... well, just about anything, from building structures to creating explosives to calculating the trajectory of someone being pushed off of a building.

Personality: Minamimoto is a crazed genius, a tormented artist, and a no-good punk all thrown together in a 3-in-1 packaged deal. But like many great geniuses, he’s rather screwed up in the head. He is highly neurotic and perfectionist—once he is set on an idea, it becomes his obsession—and exhibits many sociopathic traits. He is incapable of feelings of empathy and guilt, shows blatant disregard for social norms and rules, is highly aggressive and shows inclinations towards violent behavior, and finally, is almost perpetually irritable. 

To say he is arrogant would be a vast understatement. Megalomaniacal, Sho believes all people to be beneath him, nothing more than “worthless 000s”; his greatly exception intelligence only amplifies these feeling of superiority. He is loud, rather obnoxious, self-centered, and power-hungry. His actions concerning others are done purely out of self-interest and gain. However, despite his supposed perfection, Minamimoto has one hell of a temper. He is very easily irritated and once angered … well, God have mercy on their poor souls.

Mathematics is his obsession—it holds true to the only things that matter to him: perfection and beauty—and this becomes apparent the very moment he opens his big mouth. He speaks in a strange mix of Japanese and mathematics and can hardly resist from cracking a math-related joke or some form of calculation in a conversation. He is an “unconventional aesthetic” and a self-proclaimed artist, creating large sculptures that appear to be nothing more than garbage heaps. Each “masterpiece,” as he calls them, is meticulously calculated to be perfectly stable for climbing and/or perching atop of.

Timeline: post-game

History: Nothing is known of Minamimoto's existence before becoming a Reaper. At eighteen years old, he becomes the youngest Officer in history; however, Sho had his sights set much higher, lusting after the role of Composer and willing to do just about anything to obtain it. Aided of a "Fallen Angel," he receives information regarding the Composer's identity and his Realground Frequency vibe.

He first attempts to off the Composer in the Realground--the living plane of existence--in a hit and run shootout, but fails to do so. However, after this event he is taught the Taboo Noise refinery techniques by the very same "Fallen Angel" and begins to set his second plot into motion.

In the second consecutive week of the Reaper's Game, Minamimoto plays the role as Game Master. He intends to use this week to target and weaken, if not destroy, the Composer and his partner. He intends to use the Taboo Noise to get rid of the other Players without having to give out daily missions and Reapers who will get in his way. He goes AWOL after the second day and skips the daily missions for three days as he prepares.

On the 7th day, however, his transgressions have been reported to the Conductor, who sends out the mission to have the maverick Reaper erased. Minamimoto has holed himself up at the top of Pork City and has used his powers to create an imaginary number plane. After a bit of confusion at having the two Players barge in on his preparations and then some more mind-manipulation for Neku, he fights the pact and is defeated. He however, uses a Level i Flare to erase himself and potentially the Composer.

However, Minamimoto is quite like a cockroach. He loves garbage, thrives in filth, no one really wants him around and no matter how many times you try to get rid of him, he'll just keep coming back. In the later part of the third week, he makes his return, refined through the Taboo Refinery Sigil with a (harder) better, faster, stronger body with power rivaling that of the Composer himself. After completely trashing Wildkat Café, he encounters Neku and Beat, and after giving them a fight they couldn't handle, goes off in attempt to locate and overthrow the Composer.

Of course, being one of the game's main antagonists, things don't go as planned. He was "retired" as the Composer later put it, crushed beneath a vending machine and truck.

But as previously stated, the ex-Officer is extremely difficult to get rid of, and he managed to survive the crushing (no pun intended) defeat.

Appearance: Minamimoto's a bit on the tall side, about 5’10”, with a lean, athletic build. He has a darker complexion with dull ashen brown hair, and amber eyes. Black markings cover both arms and form the Leo Cantus symbol across his torso. These markings can spread further over his body--all the way up the arms, to the neck, ears and face, and almost fully covering his torso and spreading down his legs--in accordance to percentage of his power that he's making use of. His ensemble mainly consists of black save for a violent red bandanna that he wears over his hair or to cover his mouth.

Sample log entry: The last place Sho Minamimoto expected to awaken was in what appeared to be a rather cushy bedroom of sorts, his head fuzzy as if he’d been drugged. He felt fatigued;He f part of him wanted nothing more than to start dozing off again. He wasn’t really one to get that many chances for a good sleep, and God knows he probably needed it. However, the more sensible (a.k.a. paranoid) part of him told him that something was terribly wrong and to get the fuck out of bed. He forced himself to sit upright, dangling his legs over the side of the bed and rubbed his temples as if to ease the pain. He was frequented with headaches, but this was different; it was unnatural.

… ! Zetta son of a digit!

Both arms should have been almost completely covered in the Taboo-like markings, or at least gone to his elbows; however, only his left hand was covered in the black markings that reached to about mid forearm. Had something gone wrong?

Work backwards to solve the equation.

He had thoroughly trashed the Café on Cat street, then managed to run into Neku and his partner for the week. He demanded to know where the hell Hanekoma had gone off to, and infuriated by their lack of answer + the man’s disappearance, he forced them into a fight. Did he lose? No, that was impossible. He couldn’t lose. Besides, the moron with the beanie had made some sort of equally moronic comment afterwards. That much he remembered. Then what?

Sho then noticed, as his brain slowly began to function at full capacity, that there was a device of some sort strapped to his right wrist. He didn’t remember having it on before—it clashed with his bracelets—and promptly attempted to remove it. Not smart. Almost immediately after, he received a pretty nasty shock, which he responded to with a lengthy string of mathematically based curses.

Putting two and two together, Minamimoto decided whoever the hell put this tacky watch on him was responsible for brining him here and taking away his taboo form. Whoever the factor they were, Minamimoto would make them pay.

Sample journal entry: Rrrrghh … Where the factor am I? This isn’t the Shibuya River … unless it’s some part of the Dead God’s Pad I’ve never seen be4. Nngh, but the last thing I remember is intersecting coordinates with the orange mass of polygons and that other hollow-skulled hectopascal. [a pause]

… Oh hello, what’s this? [the sound of figners moving across the speaker; a grunt, another shorter spell of silence, and then a growl of frustration] The hell? I can’t subtract this variable from my arm.
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